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Angel Families March on Nancy Pelosi’s Office: ‘Build That Wall’

Angel families stormed into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office again Wednesday with calls to secure the U.S. southern border, but they were turned away yet again.

GOP Sen. Blackburn: ‘I’m Not’ Supporting Shutdown Deal; Cites ICE Bed Reductions

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s’ “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) explained that while she was unsure what President Donald Trump would do regarding a shutdown deal, she would not support. The Tennessee Republican cited efforts to reduce the number of detention beds as the reason. “I’m not — I’m not going to support something that reduces the number of beds or says we’re going to open up our borders. I think that it is outrageous that people continue to say, oh, we need to just open the border and let people walk into this country not knowing who they are, why they’re wanting to come here. “When I talk to Tennesseans, every single day they will say, you need to secure the border, end all this push of fentanyl and heroin onto our community streets, end this push of gangs, sex traffickers that are really disrupting life for so many law-abiding Americans,” she continued. “And when you talk to angel families and angel moms, and you hear their stories — I have an angel mom in Tennessee right now rearing her grandson because her daughter was killed by an illegal alien who was a drunk driver.” “This is

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