Month: February 2013

Gratitude Is All It Takes

ImageWe live in a world of contemplations. Yes… contemplations and plain old resurrections of memories that, for some reason, haunt our eyes even when we don’t want them to. Yet, toward the end of the year 2012, I was, um, blessed with breaking through the shell of a life I didn’t want – AT ALL – and was given a great blessing that led to what I call ‘magic’. And why do I call it magic? Because it’s my blog. lol


I received a promotion and transferred out of the place of work that I was once a slave to. No more backstabbers, misery, sorrow, people feeling sorry for themselves and yearning to express it at every chance they could get. Gratefulness is the key to opening up a venture that implores desires to become reality. The balcony view hasn’t changed, but the eyes looking out of it has. My experiences over the past few months since my absence from here, has been months of –almost- endless blessings. I found a power within me that transcends beyond the prayers I used to pray. Meaning, instead of praying, I ‘thank’. And whatever I ‘thank’, I receive again, more so, and more so. Amazing!

God rescued me from that sinister place of work. Thank you!!!

I even was in a commercial. LOL. It’s true. And am starting to write more, even receiving a potential contract. Interesting indeed.

I discovered our life’s go in intervals. If only I could say that to my dear friend in high school who killed himself because he thought his present interval was forever. I discovered that no one could prevent these intervals either. No matter how rich or powerful a man is; he cannot prevent a poor man from receiving great wealth as well.

Well…. That’s enough for now. Take care. 

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