Month: May 2015

Let The Fear In

There_Is_Always_Hope_by_KrzyhoWell, my second book is completed, launched, advertised and read. Now onto my third book, which is somewhat finished, I guess, but I still have to revise. It’s amazing how sometimes your soul postpones things against your will, and then finally allows you to complete them, in a different way, with much better results than you could have ever anticipated. I was born to be a writer — I didn’t want to be it; I wanted to be a doctor. Oh yes, a doctor. Which brings me to the closing part that my subconscious wants me to write. Fine!

Fear is a great friend. It’s an emotion that stems from another place – God-like- and directs you ironically away from the place it needs for you to go. Listen to it. I know it sucks that it has to feel that way, but fear is a strong emotion, and it knows that about you.

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