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symbols of justice and law on table of judge


Stay calm, brothers and sisters. I know some of you feel lost or angry, and that’s normal. That is your soul knowing of wrong, getting offended and waiting for YOU to pray. Everything will be fine. What many don’t understand is leaders, on both sides, are being judged, and the only way to fully decide their fate is for them to exercise their free will and choose. As enlightened souls, you have to weigh both sides of the aisle. You can not worship a human, or listen to a human without taking a chance at getting disappointed.

Yesterday, disappointment was everywhere, but many leaders were judged by God and failed. Whether it was intentional, cowardly, or selling out for their careers, they were judged. God is always in control and when Biden is president, if that’s how God wanted it, he will be judged too as the leader of the free world. Freewill is a tough pill to swallow; now you know what heaven goes through daily.

Your voices are heard. Prayer is stronger than anything, and you must have faith in God. I know so many are afraid because so many are putting fear in you, but reality happens for a reason.

He wanted to see if they would cheat and they did.

He wanted to see if they would get away with cheating and they did.

He wanted to see if our leaders would accept the cheating results and not fight and they did.

He wanted to see if the MSM would still lie and they did.

He wanted to see if Mike Pence would coward and sellout and he did.

He wanted to see if Trump would call for peace to the protestors on Capitol Hill and he did.

Do you see a pattern? We already knew what they would do, but because of freewill, Father has to give them their tests, tests as leaders, tests as leaders of the tv to give us the truth, and also tests to see if leaders will fan the flames; they are.

And now, all that’s behind us, and it only took a day. You should rejoice that that day is over. As good people, you must question both sides of the aisle, not just one, and even outside sources. That means the illusive QAnon, self-proclaimed prophets, and yes, even yourselves. It’s okay to doubt, question, or even pray to God and argue with him; Father looks for that passion. You are never helpless as long as you pray. Remember, love thy neighbor. It’s a tough pill to swallow when so many outside sources claim that an individual neighbor did unforgivable things in their past, but God will take care of them if their slander turns out to be the truth. Pray.

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