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Donald Trump Endorses Permanent Daylight Savings Time

“Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!” Trump wrote shortly on Twitter.

Captive American Journalist Released, Deported from Venezuela

American journalist Cody Weddle was released by the Maduro regime and expelled from Venezuela on Wednesday night after spending ten hours in captivity. Weddle said his captors seemed particularly upset about a report he filed about rank-and-file Venezuelan soldiers preparing to switch their allegiance to internationally-recognized interim president Juan Guaido.

GOP Sen. Scott Slams Rep. Omar for Antisemitism — Dems Seems to ‘Agree with Her’

Thursday, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) called out Democratic leaders for their inaction on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in response to her open antisemitism. Scott said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” that the Democratic Party has not “reprimanded” Omar or held her “accountable” for her “disgusting” remarks. “What is the deal with Representative Omar? What do you think she is there doing? And does she define the Democratic Party?” host Hugh Hewitt asked. It sure, well, clearly, she’s not been reprimanded by the Democratic Party for what she said,” replied Scott. “It’s, I mean, she’s been very antisemitic. Nothing has happened to her, right? And so they’re not holding her accountable, so they must agree with her. It’s disgusting what she’s saying.” Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

Sen. Rick Scott: Emergency Declaration Not My ‘First Choice’ for Trump to Build Wall

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) said President Donald Trump declaring a national emergency to build a border wall would not be his “first choice.” Scott said, “Well, first off I don’t think it’s the first thing you want to do is use your emergency power to do things like this. But if I was the president right now, I’d be pretty frustrated.” He continued, “It’s not my first choice for him to use his emergency powers, but he’s proposed things. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are not negotiating with him in good faith, I don’t believe. And so if I was sitting in his position, I would go out there, and I would say, ‘I’m going to use whatever power I have to solve the problem.’ We have to have border security. We have to take care of the DACA kids. We need to have a permanent solution for TPS let’s go start solving these problems instead of talking, talking and nothing gets done. ” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

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