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Democrats Unveil New Net Neutrality Legislation

WASHINGTON — Democrats are making a big push to pass net neutrality legislation that would restore rules of the road for the internet that were largely repealed by the Trump-era FCC. The bill would reinstate provisions to prohibit internet service providers from the blocking or throttling of web content, or from selling “fast lanes” to […]

Could Congress Settle the Net Neutrality Debate, Once and for All?

WASHINGTON — As net neutrality goes through its fourth go-around in the courts, what are the chances that Congress will find a fix? The new Democratic House majority held its first hearing on the issue on Thursday, and Republicans came to the session with a series of legislative proposals. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), the committee’s […]

What’s at Stake in the Latest Courtroom Showdown Over Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON — The future of net neutrality once again will come before a federal court on Friday, the latest legal showdown over just what types of rules of the road should dictate how internet providers deliver content to customers. At issue is the Republican-led FCC’s rollback of most of the Obama-era FCC rules that prohibit […]

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