I’m in the beginning stages of this book. When it comes to my studies on this subject, I take my time and let the words in. But I never listened to a book before. WOW! I have read many books on this subject – many – but there’s something about Joseph Murphy – call it experience, or wisdom – that seems to click with me and many others.

I remember seeing that movie “Lucy” and laughing about it. Though it was a great movie, great storyline, action-packed, it was still trying to convey that in order to have these great powers of intellect, they must come from an outside source, hence that powder she took. And, that you must use a certain amount of your mind in order to experience it, or that this is what happens if you do use 100% of your brain. The thing that I was laughing about, is all these factors are possible with your subconsciousness. For crying out loud, even God said it. The only external source it needs to come from is ‘knowledge’.

My great producer was probably wondering why I was acting distant, and that’s because I’ve been going through a recent – another – overhaul of my subconsciousness. It is a mind trip that lasts for a few days when you begin to react to what you are feeding to your subconsciousness THE RIGHT WAY. Read it, love it, hear this book.

It can move mountains!

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

A must read for all those in search for the powers within. I’m still reading it and I must say that within ONE DAY, my understanding of our gifts – that I already knew – was tripled and the pay offs were already seen.
41ZE9X2Tl6L._SY346_This is the well-formatted Kindle version of this book. It is checked for typos and line breaks, and includes an interactive Table of Contents. This powerful text gives the reader all the tools necessary to author his or her reality. Everyone must address the issue of subconscious conditioning in order to evolve mentally, physically, or spiritually. The subconscious mind is the captain of the ship on the sea of personal destiny. To master it is literally to master your destiny. Topics include: how the subconscious works, how to program the subconscious, your right to be rich, miracle production, and practical techniques in mastery.

Some people have to be reminded – a lot. It’s human nature and is okay. This will be that book that you reread over and over again because you want to, not because you have to. Joseph Murphy takes his great knowledge of the subconsciousness to the next level and explains, in detail, to help you truly understand what’s already in you and just how to use it. I can tell he carefully wrote this one with great consideration for the novice in mind. He teaches you, as well as helps you, guides you and makes you understand this power. I’m not sure, but I bet Tony Robbins read this author a long time ago.

Read more about him here.♣



The Magic is one of those rare books where everything starts to make sense. It strikes at your mind like a hammer and when you use the techniques, your life just changes for the better.

It doesn’t have any of those hard to understand methods, rather it’s a step up from other books and begins to train your mind that gratitude is the most powerful frequency that connects you to the ‘happy-feeling’ that you need to manifest. Remeber, bad moods don’t aid in positive outcomes, rather they actually contradict the things you desire and bring only the things that trigger MORE bad moods. Gratitude places you on the frequency that’s connected to the Source, the universe. Good moods = good outcomes. Brilliant book. And it was either my second or third book after ‘THE SPIRIT” the lead me on my journey. Warning: Miracles will happen. And you’ll be like, “My God, it’s that simple!” Enjoy.




Publication Date: June 14, 2016


Publication Date: May 11, 2016

It’s best to read them in order of publication. He’s a great teacher and because there’s many different methods to access the brilliance of the mind, Richard has placed simple and some amazing methods to define your ‘wants’ and get past that consciousness (the GUARD). ♣


Publication Date: November 24, 2015












Publication Date: May 21, 2014





































































































































































































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