Month: August 2012

Awakening – Short Post

I have been in a state of sleep/awake/recognizing habits and most boldly a state of examining my habits and asking, “Why have I been doing that this many years?” I feel a next level of awakening coming to my mind, and I am terrified! My long vacation allowed me to rest A LOT and with that rest, it’s like my ‘spirit’ is saying, “So, now can you listen to me? You awake?” Also, I have been getting seizures lately, which means the weather will change drastically soon. That’s okay. But through this state, thus far, came new revelations that I will write about soon.

Moral? Give your mind time to gather its thoughts. Through each metamorphosis of your life, mind, your soul comes a new gathering of wisdom. Nevertheless, “I’m still here!”

Very Big Spider

So…. I was sitting down and writing this morning. I was wondering why there was so many spiderwebs around my chair in the recent days. Normally, I assumed it belonged to a friendly spider just trying to make his way. But, the web was thicker than last year’s. I looked up, and this was hanging over my head in a larger web above me.


If it’s poisonous, I must kill it. If not, then fine. What the hell type of spider is it, besides ‘big’? I don’t have a fear of them, but this guy looks vicious.

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